2 Nikon D750's

Nikon D90

50mm 1.4

85mm 1.8

24-70mm 2.8

70-200 2.8

2 altura flashes

​3 umbrella lights

Christine Bradshaw

​    I took my first breath on December 4 1991 which makes me 27 years old. I am obsessed with popcorn and the mountains. I'd choose pine trees over palm trees any day of the week!

   My goal in life is to travel the world and take romantic photos of couples in love. Teaching photography classes would be pretty cool too.

    I do love having amazing clients but what is even better is having amazing clients that turn into lifetime friends. 



Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 6D Mark II

35mm 1.4

24-70mm 2.8

70-200 2.8

100mm 2.8

2 speed lights


​​​​Christine Bradshaw 

Melanie Hunley

 Born and raised in Southern California, I have always had a passion for the ocean, music and capturing beautiful moments. I LOVE traveling, learning about other cultures and hearing people’s stories. Through traveling for over a decade, my love for photography grew more and more! It was my way of communicating to others about my experiences! ​My love for photography continues to grow and grow each day!

Magaly Barajas 

I'm a coffee drinker, adventure seeker, traveler and photojournalist. 

I'm goofy, love to laugh and sing until i can;y sing anymore. I get overly excited and enthusiastic about capturing love and traveling. Combined...I am in my own personal heaven.

I've always loved seeing people happy and am so thankful I am able to photograph poeple on the happiest days of their lives.



Canon 5D Mark IV

70-200mm 2.8

24-70mm 2.8

50mm 1.8

​external flashes